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Simple License

This is my personal website. It is owned and edited only by me, Abdul-Jabbar Bozdar. Your use of my website, by any means as a matter of course, leads to the agreement of these terms and conditions.

Everything here is informational and for learning purposes only. All personal blog post are my personal views. I direct none of the content to anyone. The work published here follows the Reproducible Research philosophy and is available under creative commons license 4.0. If you want to use anything available on this website, then you are permitted under the same Attribution, NonCommercial, and ShareALike license.

In the case of academic material, you would need a citation back to the exact URL if you are using anything in your work. Do not copy anything from any website. This will help you for sure.

Simple Privacy Policy

My website is not static. If you enter some queries to search for something, it will return specific results. You may post comments as well. I do not collect anything personally except the email addresses of the users and the names they provide when they choose to subscribe to the post notifications, comment on posts, or subscribe to future posts.

I also use a few tools to further understand how traffic flows to the website. To understand this as a site user, you would need to visit Clicky Analytics privacy pages. Clicky Web Analytics does not use cookies to track any web visitors at all.

Beside above, I also use CloudFlare, Amazon Associate, and various social networks which might leave their own cookies in your browser. I do not store any of them or other data on my server at all.

Simple Disclaimer

The audiences support this website. Thus, I use affiliate and advertisement programs to make money to offset the costs. This includes offerings of services I use, such as my hosting provider, and the books I read. I also take part in the Amazon Services LLC Associate Program. This means when you buy a book or a related product on Amazon from any link here, I receive a small affiliate percentage of the product price.

I do not share products that I never used myself. I do not promote products only to make some money. My readers, subscribers, and visitors are valuable guests. At no cost, I would ever choose to compromise their time and privacy with unreliable advertisements or promotions.

If you have any questions about the services or feedback related to my work, please do not hesitate to reach me via email. If there is any DMCA issues, please write me as soon as possible. Internet is a public place, and it can never be 100% secure at any given time for anybody.

Last Updated: Dec 29 2022 14:33.