How it was in the beginning...


I created my first w3 website in 2009. I signed up for a 10 bucks web hosting promotion that also included a free domain. I could only host a database-less website. It was enough for me to kickstart my web development journey. The fun began, and I enjoyed the lifestyle a lot as a beginner.

During the last ten years, I created some static and dynamic websites for clients using technologies like PHP, Python, and dotNet. I said my farewell to web development in May 2020 and decided to return to the primary major I graduated with.

This led me to create a new personal website that should truly represents my new endeavours. I intend to publish all about electrical and computer engineering and further cover topics in STEM. I believe now is the best time to spread about STEM more than ever before.

I invite yout to subscribe OctaGen, an exclusive scientific digest curated only by me.

Thank you.

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updated_on 04-09-2021