About Me.

Hello, World!

My name is Abdul-Jabbar Bozdar. Welcome to my personal website. I am an electronics engineering graduate, working as a Machine Learning Engineer now. My expertise lies in python and rust programming, whereas I am very much interested in microelectronics and semiconductors research.

I have worked as an electronic circuit designer, project coordinator, and software engineer for the last 12 years. My favourite OS is Linux since 2004. I have been in love with the Ubuntu distribution since 2006. My Lenovo IdeaPad runs Ubuntu 22.04 LTS to make use of its hardware at max. I advocate Linux OS in the engineering industry through the LinuxFlux.com publication.

I created this website to share my interests in STEM. You will find a mix of engineering and personal posts on the website.

Are photos still worth a thousand words?

Here is a photo of me and the same exists on most social websites. I update my availability and work status more often here than on any social network. This makes me happy and connected.

Abdul-Jabbar Bozdar That’s me / Abdul-Jabbar Bozdar

Besides the above, I worked as a high school physics teacher for a year. The kids learned about electromagnetics, electricity fundamentals, and circuits.

Abdul-Jabbar with students With students at school.

Everything academic I publish here is available for free as reproducible research under a CC 4.0 license. My website contains non-intrusive adverts to keep the personal finances straight. You can read website’s simple privacy policy here.

You can always send me an email on [email protected] or just ping me on Telegram Messenger. I am also on LinkedIn, nanoHub, and Twitter. You can see some of my public code on Github, and Gitlab.

This website best works with a free operating system like Ubuntu.