Greetings Multiverse,

My name is Abdul-Jabbar Bozdar, and I am an electrical & computer engineer.

I created this website to share my professional experiences, scientific research, and things that interest me in one way or other. I gained experiences from being a web developer to a project coordinator. I have worked as an IT and Engineering consultant as well.

It feels like I have been the jack of all trades but expert in none during the last five years. It does hurt one’s career, but it also carries its advantages. I am now narrowing down my expertise. There are things which interest me a lot in addition to electrical and computer engineering. I will keep maintaining those skills.

Some of them include:

Technology I am using:

I am currently using a Lenovo Ideapad S400. It works with BunsenLabs quite in a flawless manner. I am a Linux user who doesn’t have any issues using Windows or Mac at work. I still use Blackberry. I have a Z10 which I bought in China when I was a grad student there. Many apps are dead on Blackberry now, but it still works. It does a great job of composing, sending, and receiving emails.

My default browser is Vivaldi, and I prefer to code in VS Code. I design electronic schematics in KiCad and run Octave for numerical analysis. I created this site using Jekyll which is a powerful static site generator.

I invite you to spare some time and read what I have recently published.

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