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This website is my digital home. It is owned and edited only by me, Abdul-Jabbar Bozdar. If you use this website by any means automatically leads to the agreement of these terms and conditions.

Everything is informational and for learning purposes here only. None of the content is directed to anyone personally. All original content including short or long-form posts, photographs, and academic content is copyrighted. If you want to use anything available on this website then you are permitted under creative commons license 4.0. In the case of academic material, you would need a citation back to the exact URL if you are using anything in your work. In no case, you should copy anything from here without permission.

Any image, code, piece of software, or whatsoever available opensource under a particular license will be treated accordingly. No cheating and stealing policy will still be applicable. If you find anything copyrighted, please reach out without any hesitation. I will take it down.

Simple Privacy Policy

Although this website is static, it still collects some data. I don’t collect anything personally except readers’ email addresses and the name they provide when they subscribe to the post notifications. I use a few tools to further understand how traffic flows to the website and where the users’ devices originate from. To understand this as a user, you would need to visit Jetpack Stats privacy page.

In addition to Jetpack Stats, I also use Cloudflare, Amazon, and various social networks which leave their cookies in your browser. I do not store any log files on my server.

Simple Disclaimer

I use affiliate and advertisement programs to make money to keep the website running. This includes offerings of services I use, such as my hosting provider, and the books I read.

I do not share products that I never used myself. I do not promote products only to make some money. My readers, subscribers, and visitors are valuable guests, and at no cost, I would ever choose to compromise their presence with unreliable advertisement or promotions for sake of a few bucks.

If you have any questions about the services I use or feedback related to my work, please do not hesitate to reach me via email and Twitter. Registered & Protected