The Morning


It was always difficult for me to wake up in the morning during primary school, and it makes me laugh now.

If you practice a routine to wake up early then you are no doubt living a blissful life. When I was in primary school, I was never late for school. Although my parents had quite a tough time making me get rid of the bed, I would still catch the bus on time. But, it is not the case now. I have become an early riser. It’s all about the way you treat yourself. When you have responsibilities and get along with society, everything changes.

I wake up early in the morning now. I like sunrise, and it makes me feel nice about myself. In school, the teachers always asked us to write essays about early morning walks and the routine. Yet, the true adoption came to happen during the mid-twenties. If you live in an area where you got a park nearby, have facilities like a gym, or a sports complex, I would say waking up early will completely change your life. You got to go there. Otherwise, you are missing a great deal.

I would prefer to live in a rural area. I would love to enjoy regular mornings in a rural or suburban area. It makes me feel closer to nature. The best thing about getting out of bed before sunrise is that one gets a few things done before going to work. A few things would be like meditating, praying, or journaling. An early morning routine helps me to stay ahead of the day. I do not do the same things daily in the morning. Rather, I mix and match as needed.

This is all for now. There will be much more to write in the coming days.

Photography: Svein R.Tangen

Abdul-Jabbar Bozdar
I share about electrical engineering and the Rust programming language. I also post motivational essays and anecdotes.