How to Embrace a Better Morning Routine


It was always difficult for me to get up in the morning during primary school, and it makes me laugh now.

If you practice a routine of waking up early, you are no doubt living a blissful life. When I was in primary school, I was never late for school. But, it is not the case now. I have become an early riser. It’s all about the way you treat yourself. When you have responsibilities and you got to get along with society, everything changes.

Is It Still Hard to Get Up?

Flowers at the desk help to boost mood.

I wake up early in the morning these days. It is still difficult, though. The main reason is to reach work on time. Who does something for God’s sake these days? I encourage myself to see the beauty of the sunrise to keep me motivated.

This works to get me out of the bed and makes me feel excellent about myself. In school, the teachers always asked us to write essays about early morning walks and the routine. Yet, true adoption came to happen during the mid-twenties.

If you live in an area where you got a park nearby and facilities like a gym, or a sports complex, then I would say getting up early will completely change your life. You got to go there. Otherwise, you would miss a great deal.

It is simple than you would think about waking up and getting out of bed as early as possible. Here are some of my tips to embrace a better morning routine.

Some Quality Tips

Here are some tips and tricks for you if you are living a disturbed routine.

Avoid coffee, tea, and soda drinks after 07 p.m.

Keep your alarm at a distance, so you could walk to turn it off.

Abandon your digital devices at least 2 hours before your scheduled sleep time.

Try to mediate, pray, exercise, or whatever works for you. But, choose something.

If unable to sleep, then try to read a paper book or something similar in low light.

The above tips come from my daily morning routine. These tips work for me and boost my confidence to leave the bed as I plan daily. Above all, it is your intention. It is all about what you want to do, and what you would choose to do to have a better morning. Ditching old habits and behavior never happens right away.

Mix & Match As Needed

I would prefer to live in a suburban area. I would love to enjoy classy mornings in a suburban area. It would make me feel closer to nature. The best thing about getting out of bed before sunrise is that one gets a few things done before going to work.

A few things would be like meditating, praying, or journaling. An early morning routine helps me to stay ahead of the day. I do not do the same things daily in the morning. Rather, I mix and match as needed.

This is all for now. There will be much more to write in the coming days. If this article helped you somehow consider buying me a book or coffee.

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